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I once had a business card that said: "Will work for pie."  Sadly, as much as bartering for baked goods seems like a delicious idea, it just wasn't a business model my bank, or cable company would accept.  Seems, their "slice" just wouldn't hack it - to push the metaphor to its limits.


These days I deliver affordable, original design work, and I do it fast.  But I do require payment in the currency of the land - dollars (backed by gold of all things).


Design is my passion.  I think, even under the most banal circumstances, an effective original design can make the world just a little bit better.  Whether that world is your business, your lifesyle, or little Janey's graduation (can you believe how fast she grew up!?), I give you my most thoughtful, creative work - quickly and affordably.  Luckily, banality can be spotted a mile away and given a good thrashing - which makes our project (yours and mine) that much more fun.  I love this job.  It makes me smile.


Just like pie.




Just your friendly neighborhood graphic desinger
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